Smart Lock Free (App/Photo) 4.1.1


Smart Lock (App/Photo/Video Lock) Privacy Protector

## The free version has ads. (No feature limitation) ##

Do you need a little bit of privacy for your android device?
Privacy protecting application that lock individual app/photo/video with password!
Do you hate someone to play around with sensitive messages, photo, etc on your device?
If you want to protect your valuable and sesitive private data such as text messages, email, photography and schedule, you need "Smart Lock".
App Protection (lock execute, prevent the screen turns off, prevent the screen auto rotate)
locked media can not see from the different view!!!

Languages: English, Japanese, Korean

# Be care to remove without unlocking all photo/video.
If you do that, you will lost photo/video.
recover : reinstall "Smart Lock", Setting > Lock Media Recovery
# To prevent the uninstall from the "package install app" does not need to register the "Smart Lock".
"Smart Lock" self-protection for the "package installer app" (some phones do not support. register "package install app" from the list of "Default app protect" If your phone does not support)
# If you install helper, protector service will not be forced closed by task manager(or task killer, etc). (Can be installed in settings)
# If is "Is not installed application" or is not running in the launcher, because is checked "App Hide Mode" at set up.
Please use widget(2x1) or dial "#000" in your telephone and press call.
# Fake Mode : Will show fake crash error message in app lock view. (Change to auth view when long touch the error message)

[ Main Features ]
- app execution lock (app lock)
- prevent the screen turns off (when selected app is running)
- prevent the screen auto rotate (when selected app is running)
- lock photo/video (media lock)

[ Additional features ]
- Smart Lock self-protection for the "uninstaller" (some phones do not support)
- Password / pattern authentication support, password digit (4 or 6 digit)
- Fake Mode (App Lock) : Will show fake crash error message in app lock view. (Change to auth view when long touch the error message)
- Quick Running (dial "#000" in your telephone and press call, Run Smart Lock)
- Manage photo by folder, "media lock" from gallery
- Modify the folder name, Move the folder of media
- Service icon in the notification area hide.
- Widget : 1x1, 2x1 (service start/stop, register lock app, go main)
- Service Helper : If you install helper, pretective service will not be terminated by Task Kill App.
- service start by remote. (using sms) : @ap start(stop) password
- Set a schedule of protective service.
- App for each set lock time
- App Icon Hide : Will not be exposed to installed apps of home launcher.
- Select the lock screen background (Select Button/Pattern Image)
- Backup/Restore (app lock list)
- Slide Show of lock image

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